Talking West Cheshire

History of Grosvenor Park

Old picture of Grosvenor ParkThe Marquess of Westminster had a fervent wish to create a valuable open space for the local community - and in 1867 her wish as the original benefactor was granted, when Grosvenor Park opened to the public.  

The park, which is located in the centre of the historic city of Chester, is a Grade II listed landscape covering approximately 5.8 hectares.  The grounds were designed by Edward Kemp and contain important architectural features by Chester architect John Douglas. These include the Billy Hobby’s Well and a Park Lodge in his trademark ‘black and white’ style.

Grosvenor Park is an attractive public open space with open lawn areas, shrubs, flower beds, rockeries and quarry gardens that occupy the slopes down towards the riverfront offering panoramic views across the River Dee towards The Meadows.