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Cheshire Police

You can contact Cheshire Police through the Cheshire Police website - but please remember that in an emergency you should telephone 999.

But only dial 999 if:

  • there is danger to life
  • violence is used or threatened
  • a serious crime is progressed or likely to occur
  • a suspect for a serious crime is nearby
  • there has been a road crash injuring someone or causing danger to others
  • a person who is especially vulnerable needs assistance.

General telephone number for all non-emergency enquiries: 0845 458 0000

If you want to know about what the police are doing in your area you can find out on the My Neighbourhood Western Rural section of the Cheshire Police website.

Cheshire Police and Crime Panel

Public viewing of agendas and notice of panel meetings February 2013

Detailed below is the notice of agendas that are to be produced during February 2013.
Members of the public are asked to contact the relevant officer if they wish to view the full agenda.

 Date agenda published  Date  Meetings    Officer contact
31 January 2013 Friday, 8 February 2013 10am - Police and Crime Panel  Bryan Magan
Tel 01925 442120
Julian Joinson
Tel 01925 442112
14 February 2013 Friday, 22 February 2013 10am - Special Meeting of the Police and Crime Panel
(Meeting only as required, in the event of the Panel deciding to veto the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Budget on 31/01/13) 
Bryan Magan
Tel 01925 442120
Julian Joinson
Tel 01925 442112

     Copies of agenda dating back six years are also available upon request.