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Bad weather results in disruption of waste collection service

Update 11 January 2010

Over the weekend, the condition of many of the major roads has started to improve and as such we are today endeavouring to provide a full programme of scheduled collections.

Please continue to present your wheel bins and containers on your regular scheduled collection day, details of which should be available on collection calendars previously provided.

Whilst every effort will be made to collect from as many properties as possible, road and footway conditions in some locations may make it unsafe for collection vehicles and crews to gain access until conditions improve further.

If you do not receive a collection on your scheduled day, please leave your containers out. Should conditions continue to improve we will endeavour to return to properties that where inaccessible earlier in the week. We can make no promises that we will be able to do this, as it will be highly dependant upon available resources and the number of inaccessible properties.

If we are unable to collect your bins this week please ensure that they are presented on your next scheduled collection day.  Waste and/or recycling accumulated during the bad weather period can be placed at the side of wheel bins and/or boxes and will be taken, but it should be contained in secure bags to prevent spillages.

In order to redirect resources to priority areas all green waste collections have been suspended until the end of January. It is important that all available resources are focused on providing this week's scheduled collections, but we will, if feasible, try to catch up on some of last week's backlog.

Once again we apologise for any inconvenience that missed collections may have caused. We are trying hard to return the service to normal as soon as possible and your patience is much appreciated.

6 January 2010

Atrocious weather conditions have resulted in the disruption of Cheshire West and Chester Council's waste collection service.

A limited service was provided on Tuesday in the Chester and district areas and Ellesmere Port and Neston areas but no service has been provided today (Wednesday). In Vale Royal only a small number of households have been provided with a service on both days.

Current road and footway conditions, particularly on minor roads, housing estates and in rural areas are making it impossible for large HGV refuse vehicles and their crews to operate safely.

Continued freezing weather is forecast for the next week or so and it is unlikely that conditions will improve to levels that will enable a return to a full and comprehensive service. As such, a very limited service is likely to operate in the near future.

Householders should put out their bins and containers on their scheduled collection days as normal. If no collection service is provided on that day, then they should take them back to their property until the following scheduled collection day. For the next few weeks extra refuse and recycling placed at the side of bins in suitable containers will also be collected.

Once road and footway conditions start to improve, it may take several weeks for the backlog of collections to return to normal. During this period, additional resources will need to be deployed to ensure this happens as quickly as possible. To this end all green waste collections have been temporarily suspended to enable collection resources to be redirected to domestic and recycling collections - possibly until the end of January or later.

Councillor Neil Ritchie, Environment Executive Member, said: "Every effort will be made to provide households with a collection of domestic waste and recycling on their scheduled collection day.

"But conditions will be reassessed on a daily basis and adjustments made to collection schedules to ensure that services are provided safely.

"We ask residents to bear with us over the next few weeks."

Cheshire West and Chester Council is also reiterating that the contents of grit bins will only be filled when resources become available and are for use on the roads and not private property.

Councillor Ritchie added: "The grit bins are put out at specific locations as a means of self-help where the public may experience difficulty on roads.

"The salt is not provided for use on private property and people are asked not to take salt from the bins to salt driveways.

"Co-operation in these difficult weather conditions is appreciated."