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School to honour brave Afghanistan hero

7 June 2010

Shocked staff and pupils at Chester’s Blacon High School were today (Monday) deciding how best of honour the memory of brave Afghanistan war hero, Terry Webster.

The school was shattered by the news of the death of its 24-year-old former pupil, whose sister Teegan, aged 11, a year seven pupil, was being supported by teachers and friends.

Acting Head, Lynne Fox, said: "The whole school, and indeed the Blacon Community, is extremely saddened and distressed at this tragic news. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this terrible time.

"When the moment is right we will be talking with his wife and parents to decide how the school can best honour the memory of this brave and committed soldier.

"We share their pride in his courage and determination to do the job he loved - whatever the dangers."

Terry, who’s family live in the Blacon area, left the local high school in 2002, to fulfil his passionate ambition to join the army, after spending five years there.

Mrs Fox continued: "Although Terry left Blacon several years ago he is certainly fondly remembered by members of staff who worked here when he was a pupil.

"He was a bright, intelligent and hardworking young man who always knew where he was going in life - and that was the British Army.”

Added the Head: ”Blacon is a very close community. We are doing our very best to care for and look after each other, particularly Terry’s sister, who wanted to be with her friends at this difficult time, as we strive to cope with this tragic news."