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Welsh Water withdraws its permission for Chester phone mast

24 April 2012

Great Boughton and Huntington residents and Councillors are delighted that Welsh Water has decided to withdraw its permission for Vodafone to place a phone mast on the edge of Caldy Valley Nature Park.

Over recent weeks residents have been objecting to the second application on this site which they say is unacceptable in terms of proximity to local homes and schools as well as right on the edge of the Chester nature park.

In addition, local residents, Councillors, and Great Boughton Parish Council wrote to Welsh Water to ask them to withdraw their permission.

Councillor Pamela Hall said: “I am delighted that the hard work to raise awareness to object to the mast by local residents has paid off as almost 500 objections were made to both applications which shows the strength of feeling against it

“I would also like to thank Welsh Water for withdrawing their permission to allow it to happen.

“There are many alternative places for phone masts in the area and whilst we all want phone coverage and faster broadband – they must not be intrusive for residents and blight our precious green spaces.”

Councillor Keith Board said: “Now Vodafone will have to find a new site.

“This is a great success for all those people who have objected to the two mast proposals.

“We do need a new mast so that we can benefit from the new 3G technology, but the mast must located at a site acceptable to the local residents.”

Added Councillor Mark Williams: “This is great news and big thanks to Welsh Water for supporting local residents and Councillors.

“Many local people were against the mast application and we will be waiting with interest to see if Vodafone chooses to put in a planning application on another nearby site.”