Talking West Cheshire

City’s development priorities revealed in One City Plan

30 April 2012

Development priorities designed to make Chester a world class city by 2027 are unveiled in the final draft of the One City Plan.

The blueprint – created with the benefit of comments and ideas of 1,000-plus local individuals and organisations, plus the renowned cities ‘think tank’ Urban Land Institute – will go before the Executive on 9 May.

Members will be asked to approve the comprehensive strategy – almost two years in the making – which aims to make Chester “a truly exceptional city using its unique and authentic qualities to provide for all.”

And priorities scheduled for the next three years are: Chester’s Business Quarter; a concept scheme for the Northgate Development; The 800-seat theatre at the former Odeon Building and The Rows Project building on its environmental improvement and conservation management plan.

Also priorities are: major conference facilities; the Cathedral and Castle Quarters; re-vitalised museum and waterfront attractions and a Transport Implementation Plan.

Said Councillor Herbert Manley, Executive Member for Prosperity: “The plan looks at Chester’s future in great detail and has been created for those who live here and use the city culturally, economically and socially.

“It recommends delivery time-scales, mechanisms and structures. It is the longer term vision and comprehensive strategy for success recommended by the international experts of the Urban Land Institute.”

Full details of the OCP will be released as soon as it is signed off by the Executive and, if approved, it will be re-launched – probably at the end of May.

Professor Steven Broomhead, Chairman of Chester Renaissance, said: “The One City Plan is about celebrating the city’s strengths and shaping the type of city Chester aspires to become.

“We have a mosaic of opportunities, which when brought together should deliver so much more as a coherent whole than individual interventions will ever achieve independently.

“How it will achieve this will be through determined growth and focused action.”