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Eco friendly toilet arrives at Chester's Hoole allotments

1 October 2010

Allotment holders in Hoole, Chester now have access to a new facility – a composting toilet.

Two years ago Hoole Allotments and Gardeners Association (HAGA) began looking for funding to purchase and install a composting toilet on their site - which has more than 200 plots.

The Association approached their local Hoole and Newton ward councillor Bob Thompson for support from his Member's Budget and he started the funding pot off with a contribution of £500.

“I was pleased to support the project as many local residents have a plot at the Hoole allotment site” said Councillor Thompson.

“Also the composition of the allotment holders is changing with more families than ever actively involved and more and more people looking to eat locally grown produce; are more interested in "Grow Your Own" and in healthy eating.

“This project makes a big improvement for all using the allotments.”

HAGA then approached Chester's Area Partnership Board to see if their project would fit in with its priorities. The Board advised that it was able to help, not just with funding toward the purchase costs, but to install the toilet.

One of the key partners on the Chester Area Partnership Board, Chester and District Housing Trust, carried out the project management, supervision and construction of the project for free as a form of match-funding.

John Denny, Chair of the Area Partnership Board and Chief Executive of Chester & District Housing Trust, said: “The Chester Area Partnership Board recognised that this was an important project because of the wider benefits it brings and so funded the composting toilet as a demonstration project for others to learn from.

“The project fits in with the Board’s strategic priorities on environmental sustainability, training, health improvement and developing community-based regeneration; it will allow the allotments to diversify into a range of other activities involving local groups and charities”

Linda Webb, the Chair of HAGA, said: “It was really difficult managing without toilet facilities on the allotment and the cost and practicalities of installing a normal toilet were insurmountable and of course not very green. So we decided that a composting toilet was the best option.

“We are very grateful for the Chester Area Partnership Board, Chester and District Housing Trust and Councillor Bob Thompson for having the vision to support us.”

For further information about how the project was developed and delivered and on the Chester Area Partnership Board, please contact Michelle Talgam, Chester Area Manager, Cheshire West and Chester Council on 01244 972859.

Councillor Bob Thompson

Photo: Front L to R – Cllr Bob Thompson; Linda Webb, Chair of Hoole Allotment and Gardeners Assoc; Honore Gale, Colony Spokesperson

Back L to R - Paul Finch, CDHT; Michelle Talgam, Cheshire West and Chester Council