Talking West Cheshire

Chester's Grosvenor Museum's Oral history Project brings together both young and old

30 September 2010

More than 100 young people from Chester’s Upton High School and a group of older people got together at the city’s Amphitheatre site to discuss a Grosvenor Museum Oral History Project.

During July students chatted and recorded interviews with older people about their memories of Grosvenor Park and the Amphitheatre.

The gathering gave students the opportunity to talk with the contributors in the spaces they all recognise and collect photos and media footage which they will use, along with the recordings and transcripts, to create dramatic and photographic interpretations for the exhibition at the Grosvenor Museum opening on 4 December. 

The exhibition will also include some objects from the museum collection not seen for some time.

Museum Learning Development Officer, Kate Harland, says: “This project is about exploring the experiences of youth between the generations; it captures the personal stories that bring the history books to life; that make history recognisable in our own lives; that allow us to bridge generations with shared experiences and emotions.

“My thanks go to Chester Renaissance, CVC, St Johns Church and particularly the contributors, students and staff of Upton High School”. 

Added Chester Councillor Max Drury: “The Grosvenor Park area of the city has been used by young people throughout the generations and is a subject which has drawn together both today’s young people and members of the older generation.

“When the exhibition opens it will be interesting to discover whether they both have used the same spaces to meet up with friends and what memories they have of this area of the city.”

For more information about the project please contact Learning Development Officer Kate Harland on 01244 402016.

Chester Amphitheatre

Photo: Students from Upton High School together with interviewees, teachers and photographer David Heke at Chester Amphitheatre