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Census reveals the age of the nonagenarian in West Cheshire

17 July 2012

Two hundred more residents of Cheshire West and Chester lived to the grand old age of 90 last year – it was revealed today (Tuesday).

The increase is highlighted in census figures released by the Office for National Statistics which shows a total of 2,700 Nonagenarians – 700 males and 2,000 females – living in the Borough.

And that is around 700 more residents who have lived during the reigns of four British Monarchs, than recorded in the 2001 census.

The Council has estimated that the number of West Cheshire residents aged 65 years and over will rise by an estimated 9,000 (15%) between 2011-12 to 2016, presenting a major challenge to social care funding.

And if present expenditure figures of £2,947 per head – likely to be an underestimate given recent trends in in-patient activity – it will cost an unsustainable £26.5m annually.

“Whilst the economic problems are national, we are attempting to tackle them in a different way” said Mark Palethorpe, Director of Adult Social Care and Health.

Cheshire West and Chester Council is one of four local authorities tasked by Government to pioneer a blueprint for its ground-breaking Community Budgets initiative.

“Our Altogether Better programme, is exploring new and innovative ways to deliver services with our partners, particularly Health in this case, including sharing resources and avoiding duplication.
In other words, by working together, we are seeking to meet the increased demands of demographic change whilst providing the same quality of service for less cost.”

At present it is estimated that £183m is being spent on Health and Social care for the over 65’s across the Borough.

And this is only an indicative figure and does not include major provisions for extra care housing, primary care, continuing healthcare and inpatient mental health.

At the youngest level of the age scale there was a drop of 1,200 between the newly born and 14 year-olds between the 2010-2011 figures, and the 15-24 year-olds showed a reduction of 1,400.

The 2011 census reveals that west Cheshire’s population has risen by 7,629 to 329,600 since the 2001 census estimate.

The census estimates 141,400 households in Cheshire West and Chester with 326,200 people resident and 3,400 people resident in communal establishments.